About Me




My name is Ronnie, and I’m proud to say that I AM a homeschool mom.

Like most mom’s, I carry many titles – Wife, mother, Aunt, Sister, friend, nurse, cook, counselor, crafter, choir director, etc…. But not many can be called a “Homeschool Mom”

My journey started when God strongly impressed upon me, the homeschool vision. At the time, I was 4 months pregnant with my first child, and from that moment I knew that my children would never ride a school bus.

Fast forward 23 years later and here I am, bruised, but alive and strong , with two High School graduates, and tons of life lessons to share. ¬†Thanks to God, and to my husband – my homeschool mission is complete. No, it has not always been a smooth road (as a matter of fact, it’s been FILLED with trials, tribulations, and challenges) but it has been a very fulfilling and successful journey.


tim ron