About This Site


Homeschool life is not an easy life – and we, the parents of Homeschool children, can really take a physical, mental, and emotional beating. There are so many issues  we face with everyday life. The challenges of isolation, and the pressure (on our shoulders) for our children to perform successfully can be unbelievable, not to mention the pressures of everyday home life and marriage – and did I mention the challenges to working at home all day long, as your children’s teacher AND parent?!

My desire, through this site, is to be of service to homeschool parents in the following areas….

….an encouragement (Yes! YOU CAN do this!!)

….a challenge (to give some food for thought)

…..a resource (If it’s good (recipes, books, school and home products) I’m reporting it!)

…..an inspiration (to provide ideas, teaching tips, wisdom and advice)

As you scroll through this website I pray that you will find something to meet a need in your life or to comfort and bring hope to your troubled or weary mind.

Visit daily – I’m always adding new material… and feel free to comment, ask questions and give suggestions – I LOVE feedback!