Are You An Enabler?

Let us take a look at what Mr. Google calls an ‘enabler’: One who enables (allows) another to persist in self-destructive behavior by providing excuses or by helping that individual avoid the consequences of such behavior

Are YOU an enabler?

When your child has unacceptable behavior, do you ignore it?
.Do you constantly put your needs aside to serve your children’s demands?
.Do you cover for their mistakes and shortcomings with excuses.
.Do you have a hard time trusting your spouse or anyone else with your children, because you believe they can’t handle them like you can?

If you find that you can own up to two or more of the above points – then you may be an enabler.

The root of enabling is fear.  The enabler is afraid to let go or displease the other person because of what the result may be.  They are afraid of being embarrassed, left alone, or even hurt.

But if you can imagine for a moment…what the future will look like if you DON’T let go?
Not only will u raise a person that wont  mature mentally,  but your child may be no good to society – I’m sure we have all seen them – Grown men or women that act like children. Always demanding, never sacrificing, and NEVER taking responsibility for their actions.  Their only goal is: Me, Me, Me – because this is how they have been trained to think.

YOU parent, are the key to the future you want your children to have.

“We cripple people who are capable of walking because we choose to carry them” – Christie Williams

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