We Have SO Much To Be Thankful For

EVERYONE has SOMETHING to be grateful about.

Being grateful is one thing – but being thankful is another. Thankfulness is the result of a heart filled with gratitude.

Are you a person who takes things and people for granted – Like the world owes you something?

Do you take the time to say ‘thank you’ to the average everyday people on your busy route – like your waitress or cashier? How about your kids?  When their school work or chores are done, do you ever say ‘thank you’?…   And your spouse……. Do you ever stop him/her, look him/her in the eye, and tell them how much they are appreciated?

Unhappiness, depression and bad attitudes usually comes from the root of an ungrateful heart – this person (who is ungrateful) can’t see the beauty and joy in life because they are always focused on ‘what isn’t’.

Don’t be the person who has a highly developed instinct for being unhappy. Whatever you are given, GRATEFULLY receive it – with THANKS.

If you feel you don’t have much to be grateful for, then get a piece of paper,  sit down, and list at least 15 blessings in your life – you may be surprised at how you feel afterwards.

You must understand that you have been blessed with life – and if you can’t be grateful for THAT….. Then at least be grateful for what you have escaped!

“LIFE is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.  Notice them.”

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