Teaching Your Auditory Learner

Auditory learners – These smarties understand information best when they hear it. Listening and speaking is the best way they reach their full learning potential.

If you can say “Amen” to the following points, then you may be teaching an Auditory Learner:

…Your child can remember word for word things you have said or taught, even though you weren’t sure they were paying close attention.

…He/She really enjoys discussing educational information.

…When reading, they prefer to read aloud instead of silently.
Here are a couple of methods that may be helpful when teaching your auditory learner:

1) Read history, science and reading books together aloud (as much as possible) using voice inflections – Don’t forget to ask questions frequently.

2) Allow them to record facts on a voice recorder for studying purposes.

3) Use educational songs and rhymes for important facts and formulas.

4) For lesson review purposes, let them reteach a lesson – and YOU be the student.

5) Listening and repeating exercises and rapid flashcard drills are great for review.

6) Sometimes, give oral exams, assign oral reports, and allow music performance and other various presentations (like show and tell) – it will help them thrive.

CAUTION: Auditory learners tend to phase out when sitting alone quietly, or when they are quietly reading for long periods of time.  Instead of doing everything orally, mix your methods of teaching so they can learn to sit and work quietly as well as thrive by listening – And don’t forget to limit the noise in the learning area – Sounds can be very distracting.

NEXT:  Is your child a Hands-on learner?

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but also capable  of succeeding”  –  Robert John Meehan

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