Teaching the Visual Learner

Visual Learners……  These smarties learn best through seeing. No matter how old they are, they are always fascinated by pictures, colors and moving objects. Images are created in their minds that help them to remember things.

How can you be sure if you are schooling a visual learner?  Well, let’s see…. Does your child:

….size a person up by the way that they look? “She wore pink shoes, and a yellow bag”

….take forever to master concepts unless they see the info in a chart or a book?

….often misinterpret your commands or words?

….get very distracted with moving objects, posters, and colors?

….seem to be bored with learning lectures, and has a difficult time retaining the info?

If you ARE schooling one of these visual smarties, then here are a couple of teaching tips that may aid in the success of your student:

1) Colorful, informative charts and visuals are helpful for remembering (especially) difficult concepts.

2) Try fact flashcards, and educational games to drill important concepts and prepare for tests.

3) After you teach a subject, add movies, video/online games, field trips and the internet to your regular curriculum to drive concepts.

4) Colorful math manipulatives added to math lessons are great.

5) When verbally teaching a subject, have your visual learner draw a picture or a diagram/chart, to show you that they understand what you taught.

CAUTION: These visual learners become distracted very easily, so be careful WHERE they are doing school.  If the TV or computer is on, or the room is too busy, or there are too many moving or familiar things around (like toys, siblings, friends, birds, dogs, ants..??) the quality of their work will suffer,  So map out your learning areas carefully.

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“I am a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker.My brain is like Google Images”  –   Temple Grandin


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