What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Because most of us grew up in an institutional learning environment, without realizing it, we can pattern our school exactly the SAME way we learned – the institutionalized way.

I remember when I was in public school. There were kids that just did not do well, and it seemed like they were not interested in learning, so,  the other kids would call them ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’. Today, when these types of  children don’t do well in school, they put them in special education classes or just leave them to ‘slip through the cracks’, making them feel inadequate and worthless.

Our children are individuals, with different personalities, and temperaments – so how is it that we can put 30 or more of them in a classroom (with 1 teacher), and expect to get the get the SAME results from each child? In many cases, nothing is wrong with the child who falls behind – but the education system is flawed. Children should be taught in a way that is more tailored to their learning style.  All children are NOT the same,  and surely, many do not learn the same.

How about your homeschool?  Is your child having a difficult time grasping concepts? Do you believe he/she could have a learning disability? Are they bored with school? Terrible at retaining information?  Making low scores on tests?

Well, before you diagnose him/her, over the next 3 days,  we will look into 3 different learning styles to see if there is something that YOU can do to help your child become an effective and receptive student.

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“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” Ignacio Estrada

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