Get Your Spouse Involved

The role of homeschool parent can be very heavy because we find ourselves as teacher/parent/spouse/nurse/chef/homemaker, etc… Carrying all of these roles can take it’s toll if we are not wise in the way we operate in each one.  This is one major reason to get your significant other involved. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”  – Helen Keller

Another reason to include your spouse,  is for the purpose of family unity.  In a typical homeschool , the parent that is schooling the children stays home and works with them most of the day (this automatically builds a strong relationship) – while the other parent goes outside of the home to work for most of the day.  This can (and probably will) leave your spouse feeling (even if they don’t verbally express it) like they are on the outside of a very close relationship between you and your kids – which can also be the cause of many marital problems.

Your significant other does not  have to have a major role in your school, but even minor involvement can play a huge part in relationship building.  Here are a couple of ideas:

1) What is your spouse good at?  Drawing, car mechanics, math, cooking?  Ask your them to help in their area of expertise, and try to incorporate a little of it in your curriculum for evenings or weekends.

2) Go out and leave some of the homework to your spouse.

3) Ask your spouse to oversee special projects like science experiments, Library assignments, essays, outdoor activities.

4) Give them a simple subject to teach once a week (when they are free)… History, art, gym, etc…

5) When bedtime comes around, instead of you tucking them in and reading them a story, send them to your spouse with the book (and make it a nightly ritual).

6) Each evening, encourage your child to talk to your husband/wife about school, and show them the work performed that day, so your spouse can see progress.

NOTE:  If your significant other does nothing homeschool related,  I suggest – BEFORE -you try points 1-5, you ask them for permission.  Let them know that you would love for them to be involved, and that you need them in your school, in any way they can assist.

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”  –  Mattie Stepanek 

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