Considering Homeschooling??

I am NOT a homeschool advocate.  I believe that homeschooling is a calling that many do not have….and because of it’s many challenges, it is something a parent has to really WANT, or their kids can suffer instead of benefit.

You want to homeschool, but you are counting the cost – I get it, I really do – schooling at home cost time, money, patience, and a ton of other things… but you know there are soooooo many benefits – and in my opinion, the benefits outweigh the costs – the only things is:  YOU have to decide that.  Here is a list of homeschool pros and cons for you to consider before you make your decision:

1.  Homeschool is one of the best ways to cultivate an excellent, lasting relationship with your children.

2.  Homeschool is a great way to protect your kids from negative peer pressure, bullying, and contagious disease.

3.  Homeschool parents often feel lonely and isolated.

4.  There is a lot of background preparation involved – You set the curriculum in place.

5.  You and your kids are ALWAYS together…whether you like it or not.

6.  You can ‘life school’ as well, by setting your own schedule, adding fun field trips and adding important subjects that are not found in institutionalized schools. 

7. Juggling your life as well as a  homeschool can really be challenging – because home school takes so much time – wisdom and patience is needed.

8. No homeschool parent figures everything out at once – you learn with your children and become better each year.

9.  It is important to have the support of your spouse – when times get hard (and they sometimes will) you will have their moral support.

10. Be prepared to answer questions from any and everyone who knows that you are schooling your children at home. 

11. You are embarking on a journey that is ‘different’, so you may not have the support of some neighbors, family and friends.

12. Just like parenting, being a homeschool parent is a very ‘thankless and selfless’ job. 

13. The flexibility in schedule is great!  Mix vacation/field trips and let your kids learn on the go.

14.  Tailor learning to your child’s learning style, and allow them to explore their personal gifts and talents.

15.  Easier to transfer your values and belief system to your children.

16.  It eliminates the ‘educational’ middle man – you are the boss.

17.  Ideal for children with handicaps and disabilities because YOU know your child’s needs, so YOU set the learning pace…

Okay, I will stop there – but I want to hear from other homeschool parents! In the comment section, tell us some of your pros and cons – and – would you promote homeschool to someone who is in the valley of decision?  Why or why not?



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