Host Your Own Fun Summer Reading Contest (For your Family or a Group)

Reading.  Most homeschoolers LOVE it – and we get our fair share of it during the school year.  But what about during the summer vacation months?  

Have you ever hosted your own reading contest?  This was my practice during many school breaks (like Summer, Christmas, Easter…).  This contest really encourages kids to read because A) There is a great prize for the winner and B) Most kids enjoy competing against one another. 

I came up with this reading contest when I realized that my 2 children loved competing against one another – so I gave them an excellent reason to compete. I also used this same contest for a little girl (who happens to HATE reading) that I tutored in reading this year.  She did the contest by herself over the Christmas holidays (she read over 450 pages) and won a great prize.

Tailor it to fit your needs:  It doesn’t matter if you have one child or if you are hosting a reading contest for a group of children or a couple of teens – it’s still just as easy.  Here’s how it works:

For One Child Only

1. Make a copy of the ‘Summer Book Reading Contest’ chart (below) (or you can make up your own) and hang it on the wall or the fridge to be seen at all times. Ask your child for 2 or 3 suggestions (on paper) on what would be a great prize for the contest.

2. Set a contest deadline date, and a total page goal (make it achievable but not too easy).

3. After your child completes a book, they must give you the book (to ask a couple of questions about the books plot and characters – to prove they really read it).  If you are satisfied with the answers, then the child gets to add that book’s title and total pages to the chart.

4. At the end of the contest deadline date, add the total pages read and write it on the chart.  If your child achieved the total page goal or went beyond, then (yay!!) you must buy them one of the prizes they chose from their list.

For 2 or More Children at Home

1. Same as #1 (for single child)……BUT each child gets their own contest sheet, and all sheets must be openly displayed on the wall or fridge.  Each child should give prize suggestions (written on the back on their reading contest chart).

2. Set a contest deadline date.  A total page goal is not necessary (the winner will be the child who reads the most pages).

3. The same as #3 (for the single child).

4.  At the end of the deadline, YOU must add the total pages for each child and write it on their chart. The child that read the most pages, wins one of the prizes on the back of their chart. (Give the other child or children something small for effort)

A Public Group Contest

1.  Copy the ‘summer book reading contest sheet’ for all the members of the group.  Each member gets one or two to take home with them.

2.  YOU set the prize(cash, books,  or something WORTH competing for)and the deadline date from the start and announce it when you hand out the charts at the beginning.

3. Explain to your group that they can only add a book to the chart after it is finished being read.

4. On the day of the contest deadline ALL charts must be handed in for YOU to total the pages of each chart).  DO NOT accept charts turned in after the deadline date.

5. The person who reads the most pages wins…  In front of the whole group, announce the winner and give the prize.


Here is the Summer Book Reading Contest chart …(copy till your heart’s content) 🙂

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