Homeschooler’s List of Summer Reading

Happy Summer!

Quite a few of you, throughout the year, asked me for reading book suggestions – I haven’t forgotten about you!  It took me a little time to compile a couple of pics as well as get a list together for a nice Summer reading program.

This list only includes books that my children have personally read, or books that I wouldn’t mind them reading – so they are highly recommended by me to you.   Happy reading!!

The Great Illustrated Classics – These books are for the reluctant reader because of how they hold the reader’s interest ( very expressive pictures on every other page).  No…These are NOT baby books, they ARE classics  (interesting, condensed, and will keep your kids coming back for more).  My daughter who is very visual, loved these. 70 titles to choose from. I’m not sure of the appropriate ages, but my kids read them from 3rd all the way through 11th grade.


Christian Heritage Series – Very interesting books for girls as well as boys.  These are loosely based on our American History. Ages 8 – 13


The Great Brain Series – 8 books are in this series that are based upon the authors childhood experiences.   These books are fun as well as educational. They describe many of the issues going on in the United States in the late 19th century. Ages 8 – 12

File_000 (3)

Janette Oke –  Janette Oke’s books are some of my personal favorites.  I would recommend any of her books to teen girls as well as their moms.

Animal Ark –   The basic plot of each book is about the daughter of a veterinarian (and her best friend)  who finds animals in trouble and tries to help them. The complete series contains 62 books. Ages 8 – 11


Adventures In Odyssey’s Passages – Has been designed to retell Bible stories in a new and creative way so that young readers (ages 9-15) will be able to experience them as if for the first time.  8 books are in the complete series.


The Cul-De-Sac Kids – This book series (written for 7 – 10 year olds) is great for introducing your kids to chapter books for the first time.  The focus of this series is about a group of neighborhood children who are friends, and how they learn important lessons about friendship, faith, and teamwork through solving mysteries.  This series contains 24 books.

File_003 (1)

Promise Of Zion Series – This 6 book series was primarily written for Junior High and High School students.  These books provide great action adventure as well as a rich historical setting based on Jewish history.


Hyperlinks Series –  This 6 book fiction series is based upon the lives of 12 year old Austin and Ashley Webster as they solve internet mysteries.  For ages 11-15.


Elsie Classics –  The Elsie series are total classics!!  My daughter and I started to read them when she was 12 years old….This series follows Elsie’s life as a 8 year old girl, through her teens, onto marriage, then through her adult life. There are 28 books in this girlie series.

File_000 (3)

The Reel Kids Adventures series –  Set in different countries so children not only experience a page turning adventure, but learn about people, culture, and history of different nations. Recommended for ages 9 – 14. This series has 10 books.

File_000 (5)

The Famous Five – This 21 book series has been famous for years!! It is based on a group of children who return home from boarding school to get caught up in all sorts of adventure ( involving criminals or lost treasure)… Ages 9-14


And don’t forget about these:

Hank the Cowdog

The Ramona Series

The Mandie Book Series

Ladd Family Adventures 

The Immigrants Chronicles

The Little House On the Prairie Series

Trailblazer series

Wally McDoogle Series

The Orphan Journey Series

The boxcar Children

Adventures In Odyssey 

All Of A Kind Family

Encylopedia Brown

Nate the Great

Where the Red Fern Grows

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