This Summer

Homeschool parents, Happy Summer and congratulations on finishing another school year!!!

If you are taking a summer vacation – good for you!  You and your family really do deserve it – y’all have worked hard – and now you have to play hard!

I just want to remind you of a couple of things:

1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE –  Make time for yourself.  Go out with buddies, spend a few days alone with family, take a day or two in each week of the summer to have a ME day.

2. Learn something new.  (Take a class or learn something from a Youtube tutorial….Try new recipes…etc. )

3. Spend some much needed alone time with your spouse. (Get away a couple of times this summer and work on your relationship before things get busy again)

4) Carry around a notebook so you can gather fresh ideas for your next school year.

5) Work on a hobby that you put down ages ago when you started getting too busy.

6) Take a fun exercise class….Join a book club….volunteer to help someone in need.

Remember – you will NEVER get this summer back… So LIVE like there is no tomorrow.


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