Mother’s Day Giveaway – Enter to Win!

Mothers are the most special people in this world!  Without them, there would be no population.  They are the ones that teach us how to love.  Besides showing us how to live, they also teach us how we should treat others – AND they give us our view of the world – showing us how we fit into that world.

My favorite mother is MY mother.  She passed away when I was 8 years old, but she left such a strong memory and stamp on my life that I sometimes feel as if she still guides me.  She WAS a supermom.  I remember my home – everyone LOVED coming over – because SHE was there.  The friends of my sisters and brothers practically lived at our home, and they were accepted in just like they were one of us.  I remember often coming into my kitchen as a little girl, and seeing my sibling’s friends either at the table eating, or engaging in lively conversation with my mom – she loved everyone – and they loved her back.  I don’t have the time and space to tell you how dedicated she was to taking excellent care of all 7 of us (THAT is for another post)….But..

I would love to hear your ‘favorite mom’ story……and while we are at it, lets attach a few giveaways!!  So…let’s get started!  Here is how you win:

1.  Watch the video below (so you can SEE the products I’m giving away).

2.  Enter to win by telling me (in the comment section below) about your favorite mom.

3.  There are NUMEROUS gifts to be given, so all should enter.  NOT a first come first serve contest,

4.  Winners will be posted tomorrow night at this same website – so please check in tomorrow to see if you have won something. 

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  1. My favorite mom is my own mother. She’s been gone for a little over a year, but I still think of calling her when I need advice. I was born the last of 6 children when Mom was 41 and Dad was 47. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, she said she wasn’t pregnant. She was convinced I was a tumor! The doctor finally told her that I would be a blessing to them and would keep them young and she found that to be true. In Mom’s later years, I began traveling the country with my preacher husband and visits home were very far apart. But Mom was so happy to see her baby serving the Lord that it made the parting easier. Mom’s favorite hymn was “He is So Precious to Me” and she knew that her precious Saviour was the One I was serving. I can’t wait to get to Heaven to see her face again!


  2. My favorite Mom is my mom too! She passed away 12 years ago before I was a mom. Not a mother’s day goes by that I don’t stop to think of her sacrifices and prayers for me. One memory that I’ll always remember is the card she gave me when I was in college. It said something like “…things didn’t always go the right way between us, but I want you do to know I am sorry….please forgive me…” That meant so much to me and still does. Our relationship got stronger to the point where we were more like sisters – doing crafts together, shopping together, eating crepes together. I miss you, Mom!

    All that she poured into me is making me the mom I am today, certainly not in any way perfect, but leaning on the Lord for daily doses of grace.


  3. My mom is very favorite mom! She is the most selfless person I have ever known. She always does for others and never herself. She has made so many sacrifices for her family. She has loved me unconditionally and she is my best friend. Her love for Jesus is astounding and she has instilled that in the us! Thank you for such a fun giveaway and happy Mother’s Day to you!!


  4. My mom. She loves the Lord and loves her faith 24/7. My favorite memory of her from my childhood is watching her read her Bible and pray at all hours of the day/night.
    She wears out more Bibles than anyone I’ve ever met. I love her influence on my children and in my life.


  5. My favorite mother is my own. She inspires me on a daily basis! Almost 13 years ago, my parents made a decision to bet on me instead of listening to the doctor’s grim diagnosis. I sustained a severe traumatic diffuse axonal brain injury. I had damaged 3 out of the 4 lobes in my brain, shearing 20+ different sections. They induced a coma after my lifeflight ride to the trauma center because of the severe brain swelling with my closed head injury. After awaking from the coma, I had little recollection of who anyone around me was. My fiance was a nice guy and my parents were just those people who visited a lot. Once I entered my therapy in the first hospital, they realized that I had right side paralysis. My awesome mom even stayed by my bed until the hospital told her that I needed to stay on my own. While I was in the first hospital, my parents searched tirelessly for an alternative to the nursing home that the doctors thought to be best. My parents saw me inside my wounded exterior and found me the most amazing traumatic brain injury hospital! Despite the small chance that the doctors gave me, my mom and dad followed their hearts to an opportunity for a brighter future! Even though I still struggle, I am a Christian, a wife, a homeschooling mother and a loving person. My mom has taught me to not be afraid to fail. She has taught me that believing in myself is important because all is possible through Christ who strengthens me! She is my go to on all my questions and one of my best friends. Her strength, courage and willingness to believe in me makes my harder days seem like less of a struggle. God sure chose the best parents for me! Tomorrow, I celebrate my mother that is humble despite the impact she has on others. She has always sacrificed her dreams and plans to care for any family members that needed her. I will never forget her helping me to make my dreams come true!! God bless moms!


  6. My mom is my favorite mom. 😀 She has been an example to me in so many areas. She loves her children and loves our friends. She still keep in touch with many of my best friends from over 20 years ago. She is so hospitable. I definitely got that from her. We love to havr people in our home for any length of time. She also loves the Lord and has been an example to me in her faithfulness.


  7. My mother in law is my favorite mom ! Unfortunately I cannot say the same about my own mother but she is the true definition of selfless unconventional love. She accepted my son and I and treated my son as if it was her own grandson ! She thinks of everyone and gives unconditionally….she raised three amazing men and I am now raising 3 boys myself ! I couldn’t imagine my life without meeting this wonderful woman…..and hope to win the first book because we are finishing our first year of homeschooling and feel my relationship has suffered due to it !!!!!! Happy Mothers Day you are awesome I love your page


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