A Busy Homeschool Parent and The Awesome, Magnificent ‘To Do’ List

I have NO IDEA who was the first to create the ‘To Do’ list – neither do I have the time to research those facts….but one thing I DO know, is that this list is the best thing that has happened to me since sliced bread!

For the homeschool Parent, there is a million and one things to do every day.  Let’s see, there is school, cooking, cleaning, errands, never ending laundry, phone calls, food shopping, (shall I go on?)….. And If you are anything like me, only a small portion of what I just mentioned will get done when we want it done.  At the end of the day, I would often feel like a total failure because many times, school would go longer than expected (or something else unexpected would come up) and most of my plans (that were jumbled up in my mind) would fly South.

I found, that when I put things down on a ‘To Do’ list, my life became incredibly organized, and even manageable.  Also, at the end of the day, when I can physically see what I have completed for that day (because it is crossed off my list), I feel encouraged! Like I have gotten something done!

Why won’t YOU try using a ‘To Do’ list?

…You can find them:  In stores that sell greeting cards and notebooks. OR Type up your own from your computer, and print them out when you need them.  OR  Use an old notebook and just write ‘To Do’ at the top. OR you can leave a comment below and ask me to send you a copy of the one I use.

…You CAN use a ‘To Do’ list from your phone – (I prefer paper, because you will have to carry your phone (that has the list) with you everywhere, and look at it – which can be a MAJOR time waster if you get distracted with other phone related things.  

…Always put the date at the top, and don’t forget to cross tasks off when you complete them.

…Be realistic when making your list.  If you know that you have a very time- consuming task to do, don’t fill your list out to the bottom with things you know you will never finish.

…Is there something major happening, and your week will be busier than normal? Then label a couple of ‘To Do’ lists (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…..), staple them together, and fill them out according to which days you want to do certain tasks.

…Lastly, If you were not able to complete your whole list, that’s okay…if the unfinished tasks were important, then put it on tomorrow’s list.

If you have never used one, a ‘To Do’ list may take some getting use to, but once you get the hang of it – I’m sure you will love it!!

“There just isn’t enough time for everything on our ‘To Do’ list – and there never will be.  Successful people don’t try to do everything.  They learn to focus on the most important tasks and MAKE SURE they get them done.”  –  Brian Tracy



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