Clutter.  Uh… The story of my life.  Piles of books, mail, test papers, receipts…. Oh my! Sometimes it seems like they are closing in on you. Everywhere you turn, there is a pile of books, then when you put them away, another pile arises… My poor husband… It drives him nuts.

I started my Instagram account 2 years ago, and it was ONLY THEN that I realized that I wasn’t the only homeschool mom struggling with this problem.

I was standing in the middle of my kitchen floor, staring at my phone – shocked at the pic I was looking at.  Another homeschool mom (in frustration) had posted a pic of her kitchen table – it was a total disaster!!  My daughter, out of curiosity,  came to look over my shoulder at my phone because she saw me staring at it – mouth gaped open in shock.   She said “Wait! Mom!  You posted OUR kitchen table on Instagram?”  I exploded in a fit of hysterical laughter.  Was it because of her comment?  Maybe.   Or was it because of the joy and relief I felt from not being alone in this dark world of clutter!  I immediately sent that Mom a message, telling her that we were kindred spirits, and how I deeply I felt her frustration (lol!)…. And to this day, she and I talk on the phone as well as send each other waaay too long text messages – we have become Instasisters – weirdly bonded by clutter.

Also, what I didn’t know, is that MANY if not MOST homeschool moms battle this annoying problem! (So if you know any homeschool moms that post pics of their kids, and in the background the room is ALWAYS perfectly neat and shiny…..either they have a maid, a secret life, or they staged those pictures to look perfect) DON’T be fooled!

My fellow homeschool sisters and brothers, in most cases, clutter is a terrible, terrible thing…. But when both of my kids are out on their own, I know I’m gonna miss it!

Piles of books mean that your kids are reading and enjoying it. They are being educated! Instead of spending hours in front of the TV – they are reading!  Wow.  Good job!

And as for the mail, test papers and receipts….??  Let’s work on organizing a little better in the year 2018.  (Lol!!)

Creative clutter is better than idle neatness.

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