I’m Thinking About Giving Up

In my years of homeschooling, I don’t think I have EVER heard that sentence as much as I have heard it this year.  Having more opportunity to talk to other homeschool moms, I am literally shocked by the reoccurring theme (either) “I’m thinking of giving up” or “I almost gave up”.  Then I remembered, when my son was in 8th grade……

I almost gave up.

Homeschool is not for the weak – actually I believe it is a calling – a calling some of us don’t realize we have, until we are in the thick of it. The homeschool road is paved with humility, servitude, challenges, and joys – but many times, the joy is at the end of the road.  Every once in a while there is an encouraging glimpse of what is to come – but it is very easy to miss if we settle ourselves in discouragement.

When I almost threw in the towel, here are some things that made me change my mind:

1) I remembered my beginning. Why did I start homeschooling in the first place?

2)  I asked myself “why am I considering quitting?”….which followed the next question:

3)  Is there a solution to the reason I’m planning on quitting? And…do I really WANT a solution? Or am I just looking for an excuse to quit?

4) Lastly, I thought of myself 1 year down the road, as a homemaker –  kids in Christian school…or me out working while my kids were in another school….And it made me panic!

After really searching myself and my situation, I knew they belonged home with me – I couldn’t give up, I had waaaay too much to lose!!!

So to the Moms that are contemplating giving up…. Don’t let it be such an easy choice… Sit down: think, pray and consider life without homeschool and ask yourself this question:

Is giving up the right option?

Sometimes you can’t let go of what’s making you sad, because it was the only thing that made you happy.



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  1. Thank you for this post. I have been feeling like giving up homeschooling for some time now. My husband and I have 8 kids, 4 of whom are homeschooled, a mountain of debt, are currently living in two separate states due our finances. The easiest thing would be for me to put my kids in school, and get a job, but I know why I started homeschooling in the first place. And I also that it was God who laid it upon my heart to do so and put people in my path to help me along the way.


    • Wow! Just wow! That’s rough. But it really was encouraging to see the pic u posted today of your kids pouring over that history book. Maybe there is something u can do at home to generate cash. God bless u and your beautiful children and may He help and lead u in the future!


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