Interview – Janice Campbell of Everyday Education

Over the past 20 years that I have homeschooled, I have had so many conversations with moms who were very worried about homeschool high school.  How will they know what to teach to prepare their kids for college?  Should they take standardized tests?  What about transcripts? Are they really necessary?  And how do they make one? I was one of those moms!!

These questions and many more were ringing in my ears as I walked up and down the isles of the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention.  My goal was to seek for solutions to some of the problems and worries that homeschool moms have – and to make life a tad bit easier for them.

One vendor I discovered was Janice Campbell of Everyday Education.  When I walked into one of her seminars, I knew that homeschool mom’s would really appreciate some of the record keeping books that she had to offer- so I went by her booth and took a look. She had some great products there….. but what stood out to me the most, was her book ‘Transcripts Made Easy’.  Take a look at the interview:

You can see the interview here or below.


2 replies

  1. Loved the interview. Trying to hold out but I think I need this book since I have one that has already started highschool classes. It would probably help not to be last minute.


    • Lol!! Yes, I gave the book away yesterday. Sorry about that! But I will be sending out giveaways on a weekly basis! Keep looking out! You may also buy it from Amazon or Janice’s website. Thank u for watching the video! Ronnie


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