And The Winner Is…..

I am sooo excited to announce the winner of my first book review giveaway!  All who applied had GREAT reasons for why they wanted the book ‘Big Book of History’.

And the winner is:


I chose Teresa because of the ages of her children: 2, 5, 7 & 8.  Not only does she plan to use the ‘Big Book of History’  as a History curriculum, but given the ages of her children, I can safely assume that this book will get a good use for many years to come! Teresa, please use the contact form of this website to send me your information so I can get this book out to you asap!

To the other runner-ups…. your replies were also great! And because this is my first contest, and I am incredibly excited, I want to send you something as well!  homeschoolingbeyondelementary and Laurie Rogers, forward your information to me as well by using the contact form on this website.

To all who watched the video, thank you sooo much for your support! I do appreciate it!

Until the next contest…..

Happy Reading!!

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