Book Review – Big Book of History

Hey Guys!

It’s my first book review!!  Even though I’m a bit of a video novice, my skills are improving daily, as there are many more of these reviews to come.

This video includes a detailed product explanation of the ‘Big Book of History’, as well as a quick product demonstration to show you what the inside of the book looks like.

Did I mention that I’m GIVING this book away? Yes, I am! And if you want it, then leave me a comment, telling me why you want it – and make it good!!  I have only 1 copy, and I would LOVE to send it to you!



Overall rating: 8 out of 10

Purchased from for $12

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8 replies

  1. This looks amazing. I have found teaching history to be a struggle as well. Many get bogged down with details and small details, others jump from one thing to the next, and often they just aren’t interesting enough to keep our kids attention! I have 3 girls aged 11, 12, & 13 all with unique learning styles. This book looks like it would appeal to them all.


    • Yes! You are right!! I was sooo dissatisfied with all the history curriculum that I saw. Then I found History of the world…by then, my kids were too old for it! So I did Biographies from the library and other places. After they would read the book, I would compose a test, or make them do a oral or written report on it. It worked out, but I’m still disappointed.


  2. History was my least favorite subject in school, so to have a book like this would be such a blessing in our homeschool. We’ve been at this for 17 years and still have 9 years to go and 4 children to graduate.


  3. This is an Awesome find! I would love to use this for history next year. I homeschool four boys (ages 2, 5, 7, 8) and I think that this would keep them engaged and interested in learning history. I have avoided teaching history because it is not my best subject. Winning this book would also be great for my budget as well.


    • Yeah, I def. feel you about not teaching history. Been there. My thorn in the side was all things that had to do with writing, reports, essays, etc… It took me a while but I eventually got it!


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