Be Flexible And You Won’t Break

Flexibility is a MUST if you are operating a home school.

You are not JUST a Parent – you are a teacher, spouse, cook, nurse, counselor, and many other things.  All of these titles are major roles that most people do one at a time – but YOU are doing ALL of them at once!!  Yeah, we live it, but do you ever really THINK about the weight of all of your roles?

We are very hard on ourselves.  We commit to strenuous deadlines, and practically kill ourselves to keep up at a deadly pace – but when life happens – it happens.  Sickness, family issues, depression, weakness, pregnancy, etc….   It is literally impossible to stop life’s happenings, so you have to:

ride it out…. (give yourself time to breathe and don’t force school…loosen that yoke that YOU have placed upon your neck – if you need to take some time, then take it – things may look a lot different when you return)

And be flexible….(do what you can without beating yourself up.
Things wont always be like this…)

And Reinvent yourself…..(during your down time, think about what you can do as a teacher to improve your school)

And, Renovate your school…. (yes, you have lost some time, so use this off school time to make a realistic plan to make up for some of your lost school days – one day at a time, being careful not to push yourself too hard)

Sometimes these things happen BECAUSE we need a break. The work will STILL be there when you are ready – you’ll catch up.

Be flexable and you won’t break.

And don’t forget – prayer changes things.

Be willing to change, because life won’t stay the same.

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