Can You Afford NOT To Be A HSLDA Member?

Homeschool Legal Defense Association – Can you afford NOT to be a member?  Let me give you a small sample of what went on in the world of various homeschoolers  (who were HSLDA members) in the year 2016:

FLORIDA:  School officials threatened to “terminate’ a child’s homeschool program if the parents did not provide an evaluation for the previous year – even though the child was below the compulsory attendance age (kindergarten).

MISSISSIPPI:  In March 2016, the mother simply followed the doctor’s orders:  she withdrew her 12 year old son from public school and taught him at home to avoid exacerbating his medical condition. A month later, the prosecutor’s office of the local municipality filed a petition claiming that the boy’s absence from school constituted child neglect.

TEXAS:  When a homeschool graduate applied for a new job, she was surprised to hear that the background checker had dug up some dirt on her.  The offence? She had been homeschooled (and graduated 4 years ago)!!  When the unsatisfied background checker continued demanding alternative proof of high school graduation, the student contacted Home School Legal Defense Association.

I can go on and on with more stories from HSLDA, AND stories I have personally heard from other homeschooling friends, but I’m sure you get the point.

We homeschoolers are always under speculation from relatives, neighbors, friends, strangers in stores, strangers on the street, strangers in the school system…. You NEVER know when trouble is going to come knocking at your door.  You have to be ready for it.

Just think about Auto insurance…..when you’re driving safely down the street, you are not EXPECTING to have any accidents – but you can’t count out others on the road. Everyone is not as safe as you are – therefore you must insure your car…you MAY not have an accident, but, you gotta be ready just in case.  Without that insurance, life can become very difficult (if you are involved in an accident).

I like to call membership to HSLDA a type of homeschool insurance.  Most of us don’t have a personal lawyer who will fight for our school without us paying them a ton of money.  Even better, these lawyers are closely affiliated with homeschool (some are homeschool parents) and know the homeschool laws of each state inside and out.

If you are not a member, I STRONGLY suggest you look into it, at

NOTE: Even if you are not interested in becoming a member…please check out their website, where you will find a well of information regarding homschooling. 

Are YOU covered?

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    • Please do!! I’m so glad. It was only during my later homeschool years that I signed up with HSLDA cause I really didn’t think I needed it. Then I saw some of the things that were happening to some of the homeschool moms in my area homeschool group…it scared me. It was like I was a sitting duck waiting for something to happen. I did have a mishap or two, but nothing major. I’ve been a member for years. My daughter is now entering college, and I’m STILL a member. Lol!! Thanks for reading!!

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