Finding Space for Your Spouse

Setting your spouse aside is sooo much easier than setting aside the kids.  Children are always in your face… Demanding and time consuming – plus we have this maternal thing going on – which makes it impossible to ignore them!

Then you add homeschool into the mix – Uh!!!! Again, that’s you and the kids! All day!!

It is your significant other that you need to ACTIVELY pursue (with time and attention) or your relationship will become humdrum and dead.

This is the message you want to convey (to your spouse):  ‘Even though I am incredibly busy, you are very important to me, and I love you.’

Here are some ways you can get this message across….

…call him once a day to see how his day is going.  Keep it short and sweet, and avoid arguments or telling him about problems at home –  Save that for later.

…invite him for a walk and hold his hand.

…when you go grocery shopping, buy him something special (something that he loves that you normally don’t buy).

…buy yourself an article of clothing that he would like.

…cook something especially for him once a week (make sure his favorites are on the menu).

…send him a greeting card once a week through the mail, telling him how much you love him.

…invite him for a date night. Send him a special invitation.

…if you cant get a babysitter, send the kids to watch a video and have a dress up date in the kitchen… Even if HE doesn’t dress up, you should.

Try one of these every week, or more frequently than that. It may be a struggle at first, but it will be worth it to keep trying.  You might be surprised at the change you will see in your spouse, your marriage, and your life…Remember, with the right amount of time and attention – any relationship can grow strong.

The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate.  It is focused attention.

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