Distraction is such a common problem for homeschool families… Notice I didn’t just say for moms. The kids suffer from it as well.  Actually, the more Mom/Dad is distracted, the less the children are focused.   Sometimes we can be in school all day, and only get a fraction of our workload complete because we are so distracted with other things.

For moms and kids – We work AND live in the same place – that says it all.  Most if not all of those annoying hindrances is right at our fingertips, and sometimes we don’t even realize how bad it is until the end of the day!! It really takes tons of self control to stay focused!

Practicing some of these tips may help:

1.  The phone.   It is sooo easy to pick up a ringing phone (everyone knows that we are home) and talk too long during school.  Most homeschool parents say that their phone is their number one distraction.  While you are in school, either turn your phone off, put it on vibrate, or leave it in another room.  Also, think about this: If your child was in another school, can you imagine walking into their classroom and seeing the teacher talking on the phone? How would that make you feel? Uh!

2.  Loved ones and visitors.  Because most people know we are home, many feel like we are free to socialize or talk on the phone at any hour of the day.  Do you know that the people around you must be trained (by you) to respect your school hours? You can tell them a million times that you can’t talk or socialize because you are in school, but as long as you pick up your phone or receive them as visitors during school, they wont take you seriously. When you show them that you mean business, THEN, they will take you seriously.

3. Businesses and hobbies/projects.  Do you own a business? Are you heavily involved in church/personal projects?  There is nothing wrong with that, but those things should not merge with your school. We can be deceived into thinking that we are multitasking – and we may be – but your children’s education will lack quality.

4.  Kids.  Do your kids take forever to complete their work? Do they have a difficult time paying attention? Do you suspect they are distracted?

.. Don’t allow them to do school in their bedrooms. (this is the room that has all of their toys, games, etc…)

..Don’t allow phones, TV,  or other electronic devices during school hours.

..If there is a lot of activity going on in a certain part of the house, then that is not the room to have school in. (Once I allowed my son to do his math in the back yard. 30 min. later I went to check on him – he was gazing at the birds and only 2 math problems had been done!)

5.  Use a ‘To Do’ list, and reserve as many things as you can for after school.

Distractions are inevitable when you’re at home. That’s a fact.  It is sooo important, as a homeschool parent, that you do your best with the time that God has given you, because you will never get that time back.
And remember, if your gonna homeschool – then HOMESCHOOL with your WHOLE mind heart, and spirit – not half of it.

Focus comes from eliminating distractions

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  1. Great article Ronnie. I find that sometimes I just have to get away from my phone and ensure I’m logged out of ALL social media – or the distractions never end!


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