11 Quotes of Encouragement For You

Life can be brutal!  The greater your calling is, the harder life’s beatings are. There were times I literally LIVED in discouragement for weeks at a time.  Sometimes I just needed someone to say to me “You CAN do it!”

I have put together some of my favorite quotes for you. Don’t just read them, but think about what you are reading!  Which one speaks to you the most?  Choose one or two of them, and write or type them out in HUGE letters.  Then, hang them where you can’t miss seeing them every day.  Repeat them out loud if you need to.

1) Failure can become a weight, or it can give you wings.

2) Your destiny and call in life is always forward, NEVER backward.

3) You don’t drown by falling into the water… you drown by staying there.

4) God uses WILLING vessels, not brimming vessels.

5) When you count all of your blessings, you will always show a profit.

6) God cannot withhold wisdom from those who ask in faith.

7) Success consists of getting up just one time more than you fall down. So get up and go on!

8) You’re like a tea bag… not worth much until you’ve been through some hot water.

9) Life teaches us by giving us new problems before we solve the old ones.

10) When you climb the tallest tree, you win the right to the best fruit.

11) Any diamond will tell you that it was just a hunk of coal that stuck to its job and made good under pressure.

So Homeschool Parent, you CAN do this!!  An easy life was never promised to you…so say a prayer, pick yourself back up, and push through those problems!  You’ve got this!!

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