How To Take Care Of Yourself

Us homeschool parents are strong. We are some of the most responsible people in the world!!  We take care of our homes, our children, our spouses, our school, (and in some cases) our home businesses.  With all of this responsibility and more,  is there any time to take care of yourself?

I have seen it over and over again – overworked and neglected homeschool moms – (I’m one of them)….. that mental ‘to do’  list in our heads is always looming.   So tired, we work around the clock taking care of everyone’s needs and wants – but our own. Our lives revolve around the success of others. But…….

Today, I want to remind you of “you”.

When I say “take care of you”, I am not only speaking about a vacation, or spending a weekend away with friends (even though those things are a part of it),  Homeschool parent, you must take care of yourself as a whole:   Mind, body, and spirit.

1)  MIND:  Yours is always working, thinking, planing.  Teaching, child rearing, caring for your home and your spouse – and some of you even own businesses. From time to time, as much as you can, you MUST step away (without the kids) for a change of course… even if it is for 1 hour. Here are some suggestions:

…..Go sit in the park and listen to the birds or visit a museum (I’m sure you get the idea).

…..What was that hobby you used to love before you had kids? Sewing? Painting? Bike riding? Well, pick it up again…at little at a time (2 or 3 days a week for 1 or 2 hours, so it wont be overwhelming).

…..Go shopping (NOT grocery shopping!! Lol) for yourself. Treat yourself to something colorful, or get your hair washed at a salon.

…..Take up a new hobby. What have you always wanted to try, but never had the time? For me, it was baking different recipes, and trying different types of crafts – but who really has the time to take classes? So I turned to Youtube! It was (and still is) a life saver! You can learn how to do ANYTHING through Youtube! Try it!

I’m sure you can understand the goal of these suggestions.  The key is to sometimes fill your mind  with things that YOU enjoy because it will relax you, and give you something to look forward to for yourself as well as take you away from the normal stress of life. Then when you return to work, your mind is fresh and strong! Take care of your mind and it will work well for you.

2)  BODY:  Even the energizer bunny conks out after a while. You and I are not machines, so we need to be very careful not to abuse our bodies for the sake of the cause. We work, work, and work… Then when our physical strength is gone, and we are sick –  what happens to our cause? A couple of these points may help:

…..Make sure you are eating real food (not tons of junk food on the go).

…..Share some of the responsibilities at home with your spouse and children, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself (see my post on chores).

…..You know how to read your body’s signals, don’t feel guilty about taking a day off every now and then, or sleeping in a little later, when necessary. Don’t push yourself to the point of sickness – it’s not worth it.

3)  SPIRIT:  In my opinion, THIS (taking care of your spirit) is more important than the other two. When we are low in spirit, it greatly effects the mind and body – which can ruin the quality of any task or goal. My suggestions:

…..Please, Homeschool parent,  do not neglect your place of worship because you are too tired or haven’t gotten around to going. In God is where you will find strength, peace, joy, patience..etc.. Don’t neglect your lifeline.

…..Spend some time in prayer – talk to God about your problems, failures and plans and release those negative frustrations over to Him.

…..Worship…don’t forget to worship. Sing songs of praise when you can (sing while you are doing the dishes, laundry, in the shower, running errands in the car) – by yourself AND with your children. You will be surprised how this lifts your spirit!

Hopefully you will try some of these tips that has and is working wonders for me as I am ALWAYS struggling (as a homeschool parent )to take care of my Mind, Body, and Spirit. The goal is to be the BEST that you can be at whatever you do!  Godspeed!

“Mind, body and soul are like a musical ensemble. Each must be finely tuned, well nourished, diligently practiced, and lovingly maintained in order to reach full potential”  –  wakingcircle

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  1. Great article. Indeed so many moms, neglect their own needs for the sake of their families. I understand this, it’s maternal instinct. But “Dear Moms” – take care of YOURSELF!


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