Chores – 7 Steps to lightening Your Load

Cook,  do the laundry, clean the bathroom, do the dishes, vacuum – and now, spring cleaning is coming up again… Uh! Soo much to do… So little time.

For so many years, I did almost everything  in my home, because I felt the kids just wouldn’t do it right. I didn’t feel like taking MORE time out of my packed schedule to teach them. It was just easier this way. Then my husband stepped in.

He taught me that the burden of household chores shouldn’t be mine alone – after all, I wasn’t the only one living there, so why should I be the only one cleaning? And what about their future?  By not giving them responsibilities,  I was training them to sit back, enjoy life and let Mom do all of the work, which means they would probably do the same to their spouse, co workers, etc…

Are you like me??? Do you prefer to just get it all done when the kids go to bed, so you can have them out of your way?  redWell, here are some ideas my husband helped me with, that fixed my problem:

1) Make a weekly chore chart – dividing and switching chores weekly among siblings.

2) Teach your toddlers how to pick up their own toys.

3) Even if your child is too busy with schoolwork, allow time for chores, it teaches good character.

4) Don’t give rewards/money for chores done well (No one will pay them to clean their own homes).  By the way,  who pays you??

5) Before you put up a chore chart, have an official meeting with your children.  Discuss and write down what chores need to be on the chart. Remind them, it’s not just your house, but theirs as well, and you all should work together to keep it clean.

6) Make your chart fun and colorful.  Print, and post it on the fridge, inside of each child’s room, and any other place that will get their attention, so there is no excuse for forgetting.

7) If a chore is performed poorly, then reinforce cleaning techniques. (There were times I would keep the same child on the same chore for more than one week because of performance issues – practice makes perfect!)

Godspeed!!  You may be surprised at how much easier life can become when the upkeep of the house becomes a joint effort.

Many hands make light work.

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