What IS Socialization

Mr. Google tells me that this is the definition for socialization:

The process by which a human being, at infancy, acquires the habits, beliefs, and knowledge of society, through education and training, for adult status.

I think we can all agree, that kids ARE actually learning from infancy ….Their habits, beliefs and knowledge of society is literally being formed by Mom, Dad and siblings – (whether they are being taught or not). And this type of learning happens before a child is ready for school.

Now, when a child is homeschooled (in a healthy environment) the same type of learning continues…they are taught how to treat others when they relate and communicate with Mom, Dad and siblings (which will help them understand how to treat fellow citizens ). They are taught how to live independently just by helping out around the house and being with their parents and watching (up close) how adults function – they automatically imitate. Their belief system comes from parents (who loves them) and want what’s best for them (and will correct when they are wrong, and praise when they are right) – not by people that want to push agenda into impressionable minds. Likewise, the way our children will see the world is through experience – by taking family trips, field trips, running errands, and various hands-on projects, instead of sitting all day at a desk and learning about the world from a book.

So,  if you honestly compare the definition in the first paragraph, to what you are doing at home with your child – would you say that you are socializing them??

You better believe you ARE!!

You are giving them such a healthy worldview, and a wonderful opportunity to fit into society – in a MATURE way. You are actually bringing up NORMAL adults in a twisted, angry and abnormal society. That is something to be proud about!!!!

So the next time someone asks you: “How will your kids be socialized if you are homeschooling??”…. You tell them: “According to Mr. Google, they ARE being socialized!” Then send them to look up the definition.

“Institutions, no less than persons, may need to be socialized” – Thomas Szasz

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