What Is Your School Missing?

Sitting around and waiting for your children during homeschool recreation programs can really teach you a lot!  One of the things I learned (that is very common among homeschool moms), is how highly influenced by other homeschool moms we are.  There is so much comparison from one mom to the other.  Then we look at each other’s children, we like what we see, and we are ready to drop whatever we are doing with our kids, and start working on what THAT parent is advertising.

I definitely can understand this… I cannot begin to explain how many days I felt inadequate compared to others – especially those homeschool supermoms who look like they were born to homeschool. Their kids are polite, well dressed, obedient, and super smart. And their home life? Forget it!!! They are finished school by 1pm, their house is spic and span clean (with NO clutter) and they make healthy gourmet meals 7 days a week for their adoring spouses. Who can compete with that? For years, I tried….and wondered why I was always so frustrated and depressed about my school.

What I was REALLY doing was  ‘keeping up with the homeschool Joneses’…

By trying to  live someone else’s life, I was stressing my kids out, stunting their emotional and mental growth, and far worse – burning myself out…..I’m sure this had to be one of the reasons for my frustration.

Does this sound familiar?

My advice: take a full week and HONESTLY evaluate/examine your school as if you weren’t there.  Don’t correct things yet, just watch and take notes…

Make note of these points: Do your children seem content and happy?  Is your curriculum working for you?  Is there any free time for them to practice being themselves? If so, what are they doing with their free time? Do they seem overworked? Bored? Are you including them in too many programs?  When it’s time to go to piano lessons, soccer, ballet, etc…, do they complain and ask to stay home.  Don’t ask them how they feel … Just watch – you may be surprised at what you find.

Take your findings, and (with wisdom) devise a plan to correct the negative and encourage the positive – WITHOUT looking into others schools to see what they are doing… YOUR school is the best judge!

You got this!

“No man was ever great by imitation”  –  Samuel Johnson

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