You Are More Than Qualified

Years ago, when I felt the call on my life to homeschool my children, the first person I called was my oldest sister, who for years,  had successfully schooled her own children at home.

I felt so inadequate for such a huge and important task. I told her “I am not a teacher and I don’t know if I’m cut out to do this”.  Her advice to me was  “You are MORE than qualified!!”

She went on to explain how us mothers start to teach our children as soon as they are born – and it’s US who teach our children all of the foundational things that they need to learn before they go to school – so it would only be natural to continue teaching them what they need to learn for the future – one year at a time. Also, what other teacher is going to love and care for your child more than you?

Now that I am finished homeschooling, I say  ‘yea and amen’ to my sister’s advice. She was 100% right – my teaching them came naturally. Oh yeah, there were struggles, fears, challenges, etc… But Homeschooling my children was one of the best decisions I have EVER made!!

Who can love, discipline, and teach a child better than their own Mother/father?  Who would be so invested in your child’s future that they would go through anything to see your child succeed? It’s you!

YOU are MORE than qualified.

One mother can achieve more than a hundred teachers – a jewish proverb

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