The Homeschool Dad

The act of homeschooling require lots of time…the other side of that is domestic chores, running a household, and for some of us, even running our own businesses. We can become so caught up in the rat race of life that we become nearsighted – not seeing what’s really going on in the distance.

I have heard Dads complain that they are not really a part of things….some don’t complain, they just kinda go along with the program, and next thing you know, problems you never knew you had start to pop up – ruining your relationship.

Mom is with the kids all the time, schooling, running errands, at outings, etc… so she is forming a very tight bond with them – even when she isn’t trying to. Mom and kids share most things because they are so close. So where does this leave Dad?…. On the outside. We don’t intentionally leave him out – it’s just that HE is not the homeschool parent – And in most cases, he works outside of the home.

To remedy this problem, you have to show Dad that he is just as important as the kids. Notice I said “show him” (action speaks much louder than words).

.Call him on the phone during the day just to see how his day is going.

.Cook his favorite dish.

.Take him out on a surprise date – for no reason.

.Buy some new lingerie – for after hours.

.Whatever he is interested in, you become interested as well.

.Carve out some special time to be with him just like you would do for one of your children.

Take care of your marriage, and your family bond will stay strong – which will make your homeschool experience a pleasure.

Marriage is not 50-50;  Divorce is 50-50.  Marriage has to be 100-100.  It Isn’t dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got!  – Dave Willis

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  1. Great article. Dads do need to be shown they appreciated, even when they can’t be there because of work. One thing all Dads need to do is when they are home, be there for the kids and wife. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by other things that can take their time. Thanks for sharing.


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