Our Sons

Today, they are just our boys – but eventually they will be husbands, fathers, entrepreneurs, pastors, or politicians…..you may be raising the next President of the United States! You never know!

No matter what your son’s choice of occupation, you will want to train him to be a leader. Anyone can bark out orders for others to follow, but a great leader is full of character.

…A true leader makes decisions based on the well being of those under him – a dictator only pleases himself.

…A great leader has a servant’s heart – it is not foreign to find him helping others.

…A great leader also knows how to follow – he is humble enough to acknowledge the fact that he doesn’t know everything.

…A true leader is honest and hard working – but knows how to delegate responsibility to others so he can bring out their talents and strengths.

…Lastly, a great leader is faithful. Once he starts something, he sees it through to the end… His team has full confidence in him.

As you work with your boys, notice how they treat their siblings, their schoolwork, and react to their surroundings – praise the good, correct the bad, and don’t forget to pray for God ‘s help.

“Men are what their mothers (and fathers) make them.”  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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