Our Daughters

Girls……No matter how tough they may seem – they thrive on attention, appreciation, praise, and acceptance.

Our culture is especially hard on females – everywhere you look screams the same message – ‘the more you show, the further you will go’…..or, ‘You need to have a great, shapely body, or you are a nobody’.  For women – the pressure to fit in can be unbelievable.

This is why WE, parents, must teach our girls to love their bodies, and respect THEMSELVES, and they wont look for unwavering acceptance elsewhere.  No matter how fat, skinny, tall or short they are…it is OUR  job to make them feel beautiful – for WHO they are on the inside, and for how God made them.

…Compliment their strengths on a daily basis.

…Discourage flashy and revealing clothing – receiving attention in this area can really be addictive…… you are what you wear.

…When they are having identity issues (they ALL do – some younger than others) reassure them of their personal worth and how much you love them, no matter what.

…Be very careful of the comments you make toward their appearance (ex. “that skirt makes you look big”….”cover your ears, they are sticking out”….”why do you have so much acne today?”….”can’t you do better with your hairstyle?”) It makes them very self absorbed.

…And lastly… Parents… Don’t spend so much time focusing on the outward…direct them toward inner beauty, because we KNOW how much character is needed in today’s world.
We want our girls to be strong women….not emotionally unstable.

“A mother (and Father) who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually VACCINATES their daughter against low self-esteem” – Naomi Wolf

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