Self Esteem Is Born at Home

Show me a person with a healthy self esteem, and I will show you a person that comes from a healthy and loving family atmosphere.

Our news is filled with examples of unhealthy self esteem. Kids and adults are killing themselves because they are not skinny enough, or rich enough or because they don’t feel acceptance within a certain social group…

On the other hand, we see many who suffer with an inflated self esteem. They don’t see themselves as they are, they see what they CHOOSE to see, and create what they want others to see. The inflated self esteem is just as dangerous as the deflated.

How important is a healthy self esteem?

I believe the way we see ourselves will define many of our life choices. As an example… Let’s say that Jimmy’s parents are too busy to really spend time with him. They only focus on him when he gets into trouble…so Jimmy gets into trouble quite a bit to get his parent’s attention. Or Joyce…she needs someone to assure her that she is still beautiful even though she is a bit overweight. Her mom constantly reminds her that she is overeating and needs to go on a diet…so when Joyce meets a random guy who tells her shes pretty and treats her like she is beautiful, she is all in – regardless of the guy’s character.

It is YOU parents, that play a HUGE part of influencing esteem in your children.  What kind of self image are you creating in your children?  Healthy, inflated, or low?

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” – Peggy O’mara


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