Choosing the Right Curriculum

Another huge concern for many homeschool parents is curriculum.

There are sooo many choices out there – a parent can literally spend hundreds of dollars! What makes it worse is when you spend all of that money, then realize the curriculum is no good for you or your child. Uh!!

Many homeschool parents feel that educationally they are always missing something. They feel that they are not doing enough educationally or measuring up to some standard. I used to be tormented by thoughts like this…..AND thinking like this can cause us to be fickle in the choices we make in curriculum.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to teach our children EVERYTHING in one year. There is always going to be someone who knows more or less than them – this is not a competition, so relax. Learning is very important, but make sure you are not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and your child – that type of pressure brings burn-out.

Here are a couple of points that may help:

1) Before you shop for curriculum,  make sure you look online for the educational requirements for your child’s grade…THEN make a list of what you need in each subject.

2) Take note of your child’s learning needs… What type of learner is He/She?  Visual, Auditory, Hands-on?  Then visualize the type of curriculum you want. Lots of reading? Very colorful? Videos included? Challenging vocabulary? Lots of review?….. Make a list.

3) Start your search…here is some suggestions: Ask homeschool friends what they use….call homeschool book sellers (, child’,, and ask them what’s popular in the area you need, and why. Once you get titles, look it up on Amazon or Ebay, and check out the customer reviews, or call the publisher of the curriculum and ask questions….. Then you can make an educated purchase.

4) Don’t forget to ask about return policies – just in case.

5) In most cases, buying a used curriculum is just as good as buying a new one.

6) Remember…what is popular may not always be good for YOU and your child so take your time.

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. – George Santayana


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